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Time to Take Your Personal Power Back! Debi is a Whole Life & Wellness Coach that wants you to know that – once you feel better about your whole self, you have a life worth living, and you live it WELL! Opportunity is tapping…and moving….and meditating…and rebalancing the way you think about life. Debi is a life coach who will motivate, educate and inspire you, the enlightened and awakening working professional, how to nurture, energize and invest in yourself first before you try to be everything to everyone else in your life. NicelyDunnCoaching also provides stimulating seminars, educational workshops, and motivational meeting energizers for your corporate wellness program.


Learn how to heal your emotions, plug back into high performance productive living, and transform your health! As a life coach, Debi takes an integrated approach and proven process to create a sustainable lifestyle and health improvements. It’s time to download a new easy-to-install personal transformational program withNicelyDunnCoaching. Learn proven and evidence-based energy psychology and movement therapy modalities such as EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique/EFT), qigong, reiki, mindfulness meditation, and a variety of stress management and relaxation techniques.


So are you ready to get your head out of the clouds, unplug from techno-stress, and reboot your life? If you want the results, you need to take the action. Contact Debi today!



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  • Excellent Life Coaching
  • Alternative and Integrative Health
  • Dedicated to Client Well-Being


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